About Me

Hai everyone! As most of you know me, I’m Gamer! Here are a few facts about me!

-My real name is Kacie.
-My favorite mini-game is Quake!
-I’m currently in BFG Prospects guild.
-I’m not a very serious person. I love to have fun!
-I started playing Hypixel about a year ago!
-Right now, I’m trying to become well known in the community!
-I love making new friends so don’t be afraid to speak to me in-game or on the forums 😀
-Hypixel was my first server I played on, so of course it’s my favorite!
-I basically no-life Hypixel all the time xD
-I’m a non-donor, but never underestimate me 😉

Those are just a few facts about me. If you wanna know more you can always ask me 😀

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